Friday, March 13, 2015



This is a good advertisement trying to convince the consumer that the age old view about the Airline is changing, endorsed by the child.

Based on consumer research, they have observed that the perception of the Indian citizen about Lufthansa Airlines is that it is not user friendly.

In that aspect, they seem to have achieved their objective.

However a mistake distracts the viewer from the element of the advertisement.

The grandfather mentions, "To see your father?"

Instead of being a statement, the intonation used makes it sound like a question.

Good advertisement with a small mistake.


P. K. R. Vijay

Friday, December 26, 2014

Is Coca-Cola number one in India?

“Is Coca-Cola number one in India?” is a book about the true story of the biggest brand in the world, making a re-entry into India, namely Coca-Cola.  Who could be a better narrator of history than me, the first employee and part of the “India Task Force” of the company in the year 1992?  Having submitted the “India Plan” to the incumbent President, I had been nominated the “Head of the launch task force for India” by the time of the launch in Agra in October, 1993.

Coca-Cola has been number one all over the world for over a century owing to its dedication to a high standard of quality, in the product as well as the service.  The vastness of India warranted that we painstakingly launch the product through Greenfield projects, one by one.  Though time consuming, this is a traditional route that the company adopts for supremacy on the long run.  

However, the company had decided to stay away from the trodden path and opted for a short cut to success.  The brand leader at the time was ThumsUp of Parles and the company had bought over their brands, the flip side being that we had in our laps relatively old 54 bottling units.  This decision got most of us in the management team thinking long term, praying that we should never have to ask the question, “Is Coca-Cola number one in India?” 

The purchase of the Parle brands had come about owing to the betrayal of the Parle bottlers, who were overcome with the might of Coca-Cola.  However, Parles still continued to be owners of bottling units in the biggest markets of Bombay and Delhi, which increased their leverage with Coke.  The launch by the Agra bottler witnessed a spy within their camp and the media flashed the headline, “Coca-Cola has no fizz” resulting in the Technical head of Coke being shifted.  

Our worst fears had come true with egos at the top affecting the performance in the lower layers.  We had to overcome hurdles in Delhi and confront a prolonged restaurant strike in Bombay.  Illegal production of concentrate had to be halted with legal intervention.  Purchase of the Ahmedabad bottling unit by the competition followed suit, leading to a management by crisis situation, in terms of product availability.  

It is now 2014, warranting the need for a review in analysing the current standing of the brand Coca-Cola.  Our worst fears have come true as we now find that Coca-Cola is nowhere near the number one mark.  A detailed analysis reveals that even now Coke is about to make some more mistakes.  So, possible solutions have been outlined in the final conclusion.  Being a Coke loyalist, I want to hear, “Coca-Cola is number one in India.”

So I invite all Coca-Cola lovers to give your comments and suggestions! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Book : First Love Poems


Somebody once said that Love makes the World go round and round.  Love in humans is expressed in so many ways and one of the most profound and romantic ways of doing it is through Poetry.

For those amongst us who have delved into writing love letters, would agree that to pen a few pages is at times a daunting task and occasionally resulting in scores of crushed paper hitting the shredder.

The path of Poetry leads directly to the heart and is the harbinger of Cupid’s arrow.  The flow of love in this medium takes the stance of a wild and raging river or a calm silent stream directly proportional to the passions involved.

Belief in the philosophy that there is a Poet in each one of us has egged me into compiling my poems primarily as an inspiration and motivation to the reader.  For LOVE is everywhere.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My new book - Inside Cola wars

Hello to the blogging world. My name is P.K.R Vijay and Im here to gain exposure for my love for books and share my experiences reading them and sharing about the books that I intend to launch. I look forward to your inputs and learning from your books and journeys.

In recent times, I have launched my new Corporate book, Inside Cola Wars. Here's the preface of my latest book that I would like to share with you all...I have also uploaded my book on Amazon. 
The link to purchase my book is

                                         P  R  E  F  A  C  E

Vijay had been a senior level corporate manager with the largest reputed multinational companies in the F&B consumer industry.  His occupation had required him to be based in various locations in the World. His sojourn as “Head of the Launch Task Force” had given him the benefit of being part of the wildest form of competitive environment with an occasional episode of sabotage thrown in.  His first hand experiences were compelling enough to motivate him to move the pen into writing his second book consisting of biographical memories.

The first book was on improving management techniques which was a sell out.  The narration in this second offering is matter of fact in manner and constructed with a play of words that offer a touch of humour in a subtle way.  The seriousness of a situation is suitably interspersed with a light expression of viewpoint that even the people actually involved would be invariably entertained, though care has been taken to mention only designations and not any names.

As a result of all this, here is a book that is guaranteed to find instant readership amongst the millions of employees of his companies who would find the stories closest to their heart and definitely able to relate.  Vijay is confident that they would perceive this offering as something within the family, unfolding in front of them in a very interesting and friendly manner.

This book is bound to be a best seller with the sheer support of the “word of mouth publicity”.